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Panthers United Field Hockey

Panthers United Field Hockey

2018 Spring Playdays | Richmond

The number of players is limited and a fee of $25 will be assessed in order to hold your spot on a team.  THIS IS NOT THE FINAL FEE!!!

All rosters will be finalized 7 days prior to event.  If you are listed on the final roster it is expected that your are participating and are committed to paying the remaining fee.  Payments will be collected the day of the event.  Total "estimated" fees per event are listed below.

Please be aware of response deadlines.

Spring Playdays | March 25th - May 27th
March 25th: Lynchburg (U16/U19)- $75 (response deadline - March 11)  
April 8th: JMU (U16/U19) - $70 (response deadline - March 18) 
April 15th: Longwood  (U16/U19) - $55 (response deadline - April 1)
April 21st: William & Mary  (U16/U19) - $60 (response deadline - April 7)
April 28th:  Univ. of Ricmond (U16/U19) - $60 (response deadline - April 9)
April 28th: Fredricksburg Spring Cup (U16) - $55 (response deadline - April 1)
May 20th: CNU (U16/U19)- $65 (response deadline - May 4) 
May 26th: Cougar 7v7  (U16)- $70 (response deadline - May 12)
May 27th: Cougar 7v7  (U19) - $70 (response deadline - May 13)

REFUND POLICY:  There will be no refunds for any reason.